Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cotton Anglaise is in the final stages!

Much thanks again to Cassidy for her excellent help fitting the caraco pattern and lacing me into my new stays so we could do the final tweaks for the cotton Anglaise and letting me love on her dog.

I didn't accomplish quite as much as I'd hoped today, but the socializing more than made up for it. And the puppy. Did I mention there was a puppy??

It's SO POOFY. Plus this is the new petticoat I made last night. I think I might round that corner a bit though just for aesthetics. And then I can rightly call it polonaise, right?

After this picture, I knocked down the neckline at the center back by about half an inch.

I did mention the puppy, right??? And that tan stuff sticking out of the neckline is the unfinished binding on my stays, so don't judge.

We had some great conversations too, but the biggest one that sticks in my mind is the one about what garment "caraco" actually denotes and whether Janet Arnold was *gasp* wrong. So expect some discussion on that on either her blog or mine but someone needs to write about it because it was super interesting and Cassidy is insanely smart about this fashion history thing, and here I am going "I sew stuff." But between the two of us, we determined we should be ruling the world. 

Everyone would be better dressed.

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  1. Still not quiiiiiite a polonaise, but closer! :D You and Taro look so sweet together.

    This is what I wrote up about it before, and this is my Dutch jacket post. Ooh, I really like the descriptions in the first one, the idea of a taffeta jacket with a white linen petticoat (or a sheer one over a taffeta one) sounds so pretty. This is the trouble with research, it makes you want too much.