Saturday, February 16, 2013

How is Saturday over already?

So I made a petticoat today. It's plain red cotton and it's boring. But it means my new Williamsburg cotton can be my caraco, so I'm okay with it for the moment, and I can always get more of the printed cotton when we're down there in April to make a matching petticoat for the Anglaise. I ordered linen gauze from to make some sleeve ruffles, a new shift and a fichu, so that should cover all my accessories.

Once again no pictures, but I promise to make up for it tomorrow. The lovely Cassidy of A Most Beguiling Accomplishment has graciously allowed me to come over and sew and we're going to lace me into my new stays, finish fitting the caraco pattern, mark the front closure of the cotton Anglaise, and generally make merry in the most tame and stereotypically feminine way possible. I am going to seriously try to remember to make her take some pictures of all my fancy new clothes. Note to self: pack shift and wear some makeup.

So, as of right now, my to-do list for the next 3 weeks is:

-Finish hand work on stays (eyelets on shoulder straps, binding)
-Finish hand work on gown (reset skirt front to hide yoke of quilted petticoat, finish bottom of bodice, put bones in center front and back, put hooks and eyes on front)
-Finish hand work on red petticoat (waistband and ties)
-Fit caraco pattern
-Make caraco (waiting for fabric)
-Make stomacher for caraco (waiting for fabric)
-Make sleeve ruffles (waiting for fabric)
-Make fichu (waiting for fabric)
-Find small fly fringe-type trim to cover the machine stitching on petticoat ruffle
-Pattern and make a red cloak

I think I can do it. Next weekend is going to be crazy busy, with a friend's birthday, a historical fashion show, and the Empire State Costumers' Guild February meeting, which is going to be a costumed tea party in Latham, NY. (If you're nearby and you're interested, please join us!) but the weekend after I'm totally uncommitted, so if I can get a lot of the fiddly hand stuff done tomorrow, I'll be in good shape.

A teaser:

This is how I pattern, y'all. Because I'm always paranoid that I'll screw up the scaling, and with much thanks to this tutorial from Ralph Pink.

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