Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo post!

First, the obligatory post for the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge

The Challenge: #3 Under It All

Fabric: Pre-quilted silk dupioni, muslin

Pattern: None, but thanks to Koshka the Cat's helpful tutorial on leveling a petticoat and Demode Couture's referral to Patterns of Fashion for the yoke!

Year: 18th century

Notions: Cotton twill tape for ties

How historically accurate is it? Machine quilted, with polyester batting and the backing is probably also poly, plus the yoke should be the same silk but I was SO not about to unpick enough of it to use for that. 

Hours to complete: 5-6 (I started it this afternoon but was working on other things in between)

First worn: Will be worn to Empire State Costumers costumed tea 2/24, possibly with a caraco if I get really motivated

Total cost: $25

Next, what I spent the rest of my weekend doing:

The fabric is a cotton print my parents brought me from Colonial Williamsburg. Please forgive the weird positioning of the arms, the dress form's shoulders are much too wide for the dress. But another couple hours  of hand work and it'll be totally done.

Not bad for a weekend's work.

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