Thursday, February 7, 2013

Printed Cotton Robe a l'Anglaise

Been pretty productive tonight. Got my new Robe a l'Anglaise for the Francaise Dinner (yes, I see the irony) cut out of the cotton my parents sent me from Colonial Williamsburg and figured out that I have enough fabric to either A: make a seriously Frankensteined matching petticoat (anywhere hidden by the gown would be a different fabric) or do some self-fabric ruched trim (which is what I planned to do with my extra if I absolutely could not make a petticoat). So decision time.

I also got all the linings cut out. I'm well on track to making this the cheapest historical costume EVER, given that I cut the linings out of an old cotton sheet. So far literally the only things I've bought have been the 2 yards of quilted silk I found on Etsy for $8 a yard and my $20 of hair extensions to be able to build a pouf.

I'm modeling this creature after the one in Patterns of Fashion from The Gallery of English Costume, 1770-1780, with the skirts drawn up, a center-front close and the nice cupped-elbow sleeve, mostly because that's what I already fitted my much-abused JP Ryan pattern into.

So no pictures tonight because there's nothing to show yet, but with any luck pictures will be able to happen tomorrow.

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