Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1776 Stays, Take 2

Tonight I hauled out the stays I made for Halloween to re-cover them for the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge. I was just going to use a pink poly brocade from my stash but I realized that A: I adore the fit and cut of these, and B: I plan to avoid making another set until I absolutely have to because 2 sets is entirely enough for the moment. So I hauled out the $65 a yard silk brocade that I bought at Delectable Mountain when I was interning at Augusta Auctions and had Rococo on the brain, and covered them in that. It's pretty darn gorgeous. I got the pieces all covered and re-assembled and the machine sewing part of the binding done. In the process I discovered that my plastic whalebone had kinked at the side seams and center bust so I replaced it with spiral steel in those spots. Still need to bone the tabs, cut the tabs into the silk, and finish all the hand work on the binding. But yay stays! 1776 corset 1776 stays

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