Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hallowedding 2015

Things have been crazy. I say that every entry, but, since my last one, things have been REALLY crazy.

First, this happened, on Halloween (Photos by the incredible Serena Star Photography.)

Why yes, that IS a cameo by Cassidy on the left.

Headpiece by Taylor at Dames a la Mode

Shoes are the Renoir style by American Duchess

I so love my purple monster.

I made 5 other dresses for members of the wedding party, in addition to my own. My options were blog or sew. I sewed.

The other 4 bridesmaids made their own dresses, because somehow I ended up with an amazingly talented group of friends.

I think the best part was how many people dressed up. I think the folks that grumbled about how they were going to "feel weird" in costume really felt left out by the end of the night, because they were a clear minority. It was kind of a lovely feeling.

So yes. That's where I've been.

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